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About Azi

Born and bred in the north of England, Azi relishes a challenge, as reflected in her career path: former member of the British Army, Parliamentary Candidate, Author, and Entrepreneur.


Azi graduated with a Masters Degree in Media Technology to gain an understanding of the digital world. She set up an internet company then sold her shares in the business to take her experience into the corporate world as a Management Consultant.


She was inspired to join the Army by her father, a veteran of the British Indian Army. Her experiences set her up for life: team work, a drive to achieve, meeting people from all walks of life and cultures. Most importantly, the unique world renowned training enabled her to identify her life passions.


After leaving the Army, Azi went on to work for the MoD on campaigns for soldiers in Afghanistan. She volunteers her spare time as a governor at a special needs school and to a charity organisation for the homeless.