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W W W . A Z I A H M E D . C O M


Azi stood as a parliamentary candidate for Rochdale in 2015. She continues to strive her political passions to:


Scrap tuition fees for STEM subjects

It’s time to build a forward thinking education


We know that if we are to compete in the global economy, we need to up-skill our workforce. Prioritising STEM is the way to equip young people for the challenges posed by automation.


Take the NHS out of politics

You cannot fix the NHS in a single five-year parliamentary term


No party has ever managed to do it and with Azi’s management background, she knows a minimum ten-year programme is needed to reach a political consensus. The government needs to devolve responsibility by taking a cross-party approach and setting up an independent commission to determine its future.


Develop a compulsary 'Community Programme' for the under privileged

It’s not the volunteers who need the help, it’s the ones who don’t step forward.


Born and raised in Oldham, the most deprived town in Britain, Azi understands the challenges our underprivileged youth face today.

A part-time service for 14-17 year olds, placed in deprived schools, would help provide social integration, life skills and change the dynamics of our young generation today.

Lib Dem