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“A fresh approach to success. Azi’s life experiences’ will provide a rare event for those who want to be inspired beyond the norm.”


Azi has a prestigious list of clients including the House of Commons, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Marlborough College and numerous Speakers Festivals.


Her extraordinary journey has attracted worldwide coverage; from working in the family kebab shop to becoming one of the first women to train with 21 SAS. She faced many challenges, but this was no different to the challenges she experienced throughout her life.


Azi is an exceptional communicator. She has the ability to inspire people in the business, corporate, and community worlds; and change the way people think.


Her sparky personality delivers a no nonsense address, leaving her audience on the edge of their seats, feeling uplifted, inspired and ready to go.


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Press and Speaking Events


TV Interview | Muslim Woman Secretly Joined 21 SAS... more

BBC Radio London | Azi Ahmed on Politics and the Army... more

Lewes Speakers Festival

Chichester Speakers Festival

Winchester Speakers Festival


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“Fearless, determined, committed and a true role model.”

“Nothing teaches you more about your strength than Azi.”

“Now THAT's a daughter to be proud of!”

“An inspiration to all women and men!”

“Azi you showed the world you are not a pushover, well done.”

“Love any woman who decides her own destiny.”

“You are the very best representation of what it means to be Muslim, British and female in equal measure. With all respect.”

“Thanks for your story & every success in your life in GREAT Britain.”